Are You A “Thrillionaire”?

Whether conducting meetings with business executives or world leaders, entertaining celebrities, or traveling on adventures with family, you can rest assured that no one will ever forget being welcomed into your airborne sanctuary.

Own the 757 Designed for Heads of State

You’ve made a name for yourself. Now make an impression with this jet’s unique and unmistakable ramp presence each time you land at a new destination. You, your family, and your friends deserve the luxury, ultra-long-range performance, and security of this truly impressive Boeing 757-256.

Not everyone is bold enough to capitalize on a rare opportunity like this. But you are.

2000 Boeing 757-256 VIP | TAKE A TOUR
S/N 29306 | 39 Passenger Seating | 12,322 Airframe Hours

From Hong Kong
5 Passengers | 5,740 NM
5 Passengers + 3,500 lbs Cargo | 5,540 NM

From San Paulo
5 Passengers | 5,740 NM
5 Passengers + 3,500 lbs Cargo | 5,540 NM

From Tokyo
5 Passengers | 5,740 NM
5 Passengers + 3,500 lbs Cargo | 5,540 NM

From Zurich
5 Passengers | 5,740 NM
5 Passengers + 3,500 lbs Cargo | 5,540 NM

Circle the Globe in Uncompromising Comfort and Style

This jet has a level of elegance and sophistication that many dream of and few achieve. There are only a handful of this type of private aircraft in existence—owned by the likes of tech billionaires and real estate moguls—that even come close. With operational support from your team or Avjet Global’s, you’ll have the freedom to travel anywhere in the world that your business or personal interests take you, just like they do.

No expense has been spared in entrusting artisans at the prestigious Jet Aviation Basel completion facility to create an interior environment that rivals the most lavish five-star resorts. With extraordinary craftsmanship and subtle notes of European style, the aircraft’s design makes a clear statement: You have arrived.

When you turn out the lights in your tastefully appointed master suite, you’ll sleep well knowing you’re treating your guests to a remarkable travel experience.

Get Exceptional Performance

This Boeing 757-256 is a mechanical marvel, with technical specifications that are the envy of pilots flying any other aircraft. With low total time hours for an airliner, this aircraft also pulls out all the stops with hardware upgrades including CPDLC ADS-B 2020 compliance, IS&S LCD cockpit displays, PATS long range fuel tanks, Wi-Fi, and is part of the Boeing approved low-utilization maintenance program.

From its Rolls Royce engines to its avionics, this jet leverages time-tested systems that provide exceptional performance and outstanding safety. N registered and operated on a part 125 Certificate, the aircraft meets the most stringent of aviation requirements, which only adds to its value.

Enjoy Cost-Effective Operations and Turnkey Support from Avjet

Surprising even to the most seasoned flight crews and owners, a VIP aircraft of this magnitude, while it has unique logistical requirements, is actually cost-effective to operate when considering its larger payload and other factors.

Making this Boeing 757-256 even more appealing is the turnkey support solution offered by Avjet. From hangarage and maintenance to ground support and administrative assistance, whatever you need to integrate this aircraft into your travel plans quickly and keep it operating effectively, we can provide in collaboration with your flight department.

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Get Airborne in Singular Style

You owe it to yourself to get more information on an ultra-long-range, VIP jet that reflects the status you’ve attained.

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