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We're proud to offer excellence in Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Gulfstream, and Bombardier aircraft.

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Expertise

Enjoy the very best of luxury and comfort.

Based on the commercial Boeing 737 airliner, the Boeing Business Jet provides VIP travelers with room to work, relax, dine, and sleep while surrounded by all the latest technology and amenities. The BBJ enables travelers to cross oceans and continents, with a maximum range of 12 hours flying time. Despite its exceptional size and range, the Boeing Business Jet's takeoff requirements are only slightly more than other long-range private jets, providing wide airport accessibility.

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Interior of Boeing business jet

Key Features

Experience true luxury.

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) offers a true VIP private jet travel experience. The BBJ boasts:

3x the space of other business jets

More than 6,000 nautical miles

Up to 12 hours of flight time


Gulfstream Mid Flight
Gulfstream Expertise

Benefit from our unsurpassed knowledge of the Gulfstream product line.

Avjet Global is pleased to offer unparalleled expertise in the purchase and sale of a wide range of Gulfstream private aircraft. In fact, Avjet Global has purchased and sold more Gulfstream aircraft than anyone in the world. Our analysts and researchers possess a deep knowledge of the entire fleet and the current values of all Gulfstream models. With this unrivaled expertise on your side, you can maximize effectiveness at the negotiating table when selling or buying a Gulfstream.

  • #1 in Gulfstream G450 Sales and Acquisitions
  • #1 in Sales of New Gulfstream G650 Positions
  • #1 in Total Gulfstream Jet Sales and Acquisitions
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Interior shot of Gulfstream G280

Key Features

A name that is synonymous with private air travel.

With a Gulfstream, you don't have to compromise. Gulfstream jets offer the comfort, versatility, and prestige in luxury travel. 

High-quality materials

State-of-the-art avionics systems

Ultra long range


A Bombardier jet sitting on the runway
Bombardier Expertise

Experience exceptional design and impeccable craftsmanship.

We specialize in the highest-value luxury jets from two of Bombardier's leading aircraft families, Challenger and Global. Bombardier jets allow you to grow within the Bombardier business aircraft family as your travel requirements evolve. When you acquire or purchase Bombardier aircraft, you'll enjoy a wide array of luxury fleet selections paired with unparalleled customer support. After all, world-class aircraft demand world-class customer service.

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Interior of Bombardier aircraft, including a plush leather chair and desk

Key Features

An expertly crafted option for corporate aviation.

Bombardier aircraft are recognized around the world. For decades, Bombardier has worked with special mission operators and mission systems integrators to deliver state-of-the-art transport and luxury air travel.

500+ specialized business aircraft in service worldwide

3 million+ fleet hours

160+ operators in over 50 countries