1998 GULFSTREAM G-IVSP For Sale S/N 1342

Overview & Highlights

The Gulfstream IVSP is the second iteration in the popular Gulfstream series. Known for its performance and reliability, this particular aircraft is a large cabin, long-range airplane that seats up to 13 passengers comfortably in three discreet living zones.

One of the most significant improvements is the upgrade of engines from the Rolls-Royce Spey to the Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8, used in later model jets including the G300 and 400. The Roll-Royce upgraded engine is responsible for 15% improved fuel consumption and decreased noise levels. This successful intercontinental-range business jet has been a prototype for later Gulfstream models.

Meticulously serviced and maintained, Avjet Global is pleased to offer this very special aircraft on behalf of its client. We invite inquiries from serious buyers looking to invest in an aviation asset of great beauty and enduring value.

One Owner Since New
Manufactured July 1998, Completion March 1999
Honeywell MSP/Mechanical/Avionics/Propulsion
FANS1/A, ADS-B OUT v2/FANS Over Iridium compliant
Global Internet and Domestic Internet GoGo Biz
Operated Part 91/135

Avjet is pleased to offer this unique aircraft on behalf of its client. We invite inquiries from serious buyers looking to invest in an aviation asset of great beauty and enduring value.

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Airframe & Engines

Total Time: 10,226 hours
Landings: 3,326

TAY MK 611-8

Engine #1
Serial Number: 16791
Time Since New: 10,011 hours
Cycles: 3,261

Engine #2
Serial Number: 16792
Time Since New: 10,094 hours
Cycles: 3,277

Honeywell GTCP36-150G
Serial Number: P-744C
Time Since New: 5472 hours
36-150 upgrade in July 2007; Hot Section Inspection: On Condition.

Maintenance & Avionics

12-24 Month Airframe Inspection Program
Manufactured date 10 July 98; Completion date 8 March 99
Due Dates for the following inspections
12 Month: June 2021
24 Month: June 2022
36 Month: January 2023
48 Month: June 2024
144 Month: July 2022
192 Month: February 2030

Active Warranty Contracts
Honeywell MSP: Avionics
Honeywell MSP: Mechanical
Honeywell MSP: Propulsion

FANS 1/A, ADS-B OUT Ver 2 and FANS OVER IRIDIUM compliant
Honeywell SPZ-8400 Suite: Flight Director, Auto Pilot/Throttle
FMS: Dual Honeywell NZ-2010
FMS: Single, Honeywell, GNS-XLS
CDU: CD-810 with ver 6.1 software
IRU: Honeywell Laseref II, 3 each
GPS: Honeywell GPSSU 2 Channel
RDR Alt: Dual Honeywell RT-300
SDU: Aviator 700D, 405035A-THD
HPA: Aviator 700D, 405014A-THD
WX Radar: Honeywell Primus 880
TPDR: Dual TDR-94D with Mode S, -502
VHF: Dual VHF-422D with 8.33
FANS CMU/VHF: Rockwell Collins VHF4000
HF Comm: HF-9034A with Selcal
Navs: Dual VIR-432 with FM Immunity.
DME: Dual DME-442
ADF: Dual ADF-462
TrueNorth DataLink Unit (FANS Over Iridium)
FDR: L3Harris Solid State F-1000

Global Internet: SBB Thrane SBU 405040A
Domestic Internet: ATG4000 GogoBiz
Voice Phone: Aircell Axxess
Micro Quick Access Recorder
FDR: L3Harris Solid State F-1000
CVR: L3Harris Datalink FA2100
ELT: Artex C406-N, Triple Frequency Securaplane Emergency Lighting Cockpit Outlets for iPads
Dual Davtron Clocks
Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader
Rosemount Ice Detection System

Interior & Exterior

This thirteen-passenger interior was refurbished by International Jet Interiors in December 2012 and consists of a forward galley. Two chairs and divan in the forward cabin, a four-place conference group and credenza in the mid-cabin and two divans in the aft cabin. The two chairs in the forward cabin recline to berth one passenger and the two aft cabin divans will berth two passengers.

The two forward chairs, conference group chairs, jump seat and both forward and aft lav covers are finished with Holland & Sherry leather, Inverness Coppertone. The three divans with Rose Tarlow Melrose House fabric, Highland Toffee/Brandy. All chair seatbelts and shoulder harness have been replaced with new webbing. Entryway and galley flooring are vinyl flooring by Aircraft Interior Products, Lonwood Dakota: Helko Pumpkin Pie. The headliner, PSU panels, window panels and lower side panels have been recovered to contrast. The carpet is wool by Patterson, Flynn and Martin in dark brown. The Galley countertop is Dolan Traynor, solid surface Corian; in Adobe.

The galley amenities include convection oven, microwave, coffee maker, and cooled storage cabinet. Dual ice drawers. The cabin includes a forward and aft lav.

The cabin includes a custom entertainment system created by the Sky Theater Group. It has been designed to emulate a directors screening room. The System processes all Dolby encoded material from Blu-Rays and encoded software from the Movie Library. A bullet shot in a movie will first be heard in the forward cabin and the sound will eventually makes it way to the aft cabin. The audio is fully customizable. The cabin stereo can be split between the left and right or front and back.

FWD Cabin Speakers
8 Separate channels.
THX Cabin speakers
3 THX sub-woofers

AFT Cabin Speakers
6 Separate channels THX Cabin speakers
2 THX Sub-woofers

Movie Server
Holds up to 1000 Blu Ray quality films, and plays them in enhanced HD and Dolby Tru HD.
Video and Audio on Demand separately on all monitors.

Studio Blu Ray Player
Designed to play more than reading a disc, plays dailies off the Movie Set, plays Dolby Atmos encoded discs as well.

Aft 26 Inch
Forward 22 Inch
Side 19 Inch
All monitors were custom designed to emulate a screening room.
They feature Noiseless High Definition video with enhanced colors calibrated to Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

Accomplished using an iPad which is designed to emulate the Academy Award Stage at the Dolby
Custom iPad control works as a personal tool for the cabin system per clients wishes.
Sound Button allows client to change the THX and Dolby Sound enhancements as he pleases.

Painted in July 2018 in Matterhorn White. Striped in Jade Mist Green, Starlite Silver and Medium Gray. The engine exhausts are painted Matterhorn White, similar to the G450.