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Private Jet Market – Ignore the Headline News

If you've been keeping up with the latest commentary on the private jet market, you'll find that 2023 is often portrayed as robust, although calmer and more reasonable in terms of inventory and pricing compared to 2022. Many articles suggest a return to "normal"...

G550 Market Update – December 2022

The G550 market has seen a tremendous shift within the past six months. In May there were only six G550’s for sale and two of those were already under contract by mid May effectively meaning that only four G550’s remained available at months end. Fast forward, and we...

Avjet Global Sales closes on 2018 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2)

Bozeman Montana – Avjet Global Sales, the industries leader in the sale of New and Pre-Owned VIP Boeing Business Jets today successfully closed on a 2018 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2) for its client. The Boeing BBJ2, which represents the pinnacle of large cabin...

Boeing Business Jets

Boeing Business Jets are some of the most advanced, versatile and sought-after aircraft manufactured anywhere in the world. Combining the best features of commercial air travel with features required by busy executives, decision makers and trendsetters, BBJs can be customized to meet virtually any need—from conducting meetings, to entertaining guests, to traveling in comfort to any destination around the globe.

Sales, Acquisitions & Brokerage Expertise in The Americas

From its base in North America, Avjet Global Sales capably serves customers in both the United States and Latin America with a complete range of large cabin, long-range aircraft sales, acquisitions and brokerage services. We are well aligned with international aviation professionals and major OEMs, which facilitates the purchase and delivery of new jets in Central and South America.

Gulfstream Business Jets

For many business jet owners, the silhouette of a Gulfstream jet is a symbol of quality, reliability and innovation. From business trips, to personal travel, to special missions like secure transport, in-flight research and aerial command operations, Gulfstream jets provide exceptional performance as designed or fully customized.

Sales & Acquisitions of Private Business Jets Across the Atlantic

Europe has always been at the forefront of general business aviation since private business jets began to dot the skies in the early 1960s. Two of aviation’s largest global companies, Airbus and Dassault, call Europe their home and are major players in general business aviation. Additionally, Europe is home to one of the largest concentrations of private and corporate jet ownership.

Growth in Africa Fosters General Business Aviation

Similar to Avjet Global’s early recognition of the growing importance of the Asian markets, the African continent has become one of the global economy’s bright spots over the past few years. The strong emergence in the early ‘90s of tourism and commerce necessitated travel throughout the region by means of private jet travel.