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Dassault Business Jets


France’s Dassault Aviation manufactures both military aircraft and business jets. With that background, the more than 10,000 aircraft the company has delivered to 90 countries always feature impressive innovations and uncompromising performance.

The Dassault Falcon 10X, for example, offers the industry’s most advanced technology and largest cabin in a business jet. For individuals or corporations looking for the perfect combination of speed, range and comfort, Dassault should always be in the purchase decision matrix.

Your Source for Dassault Jet Insights and Transaction Assistance

At Avjet Global Sales, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of, and experience with, Dassault business jets. From helping you acquire new or pre-owned aircraft to marketing and selling your current Dassault business jet, our team has the data, the worldwide network of contacts and the respect of industry stakeholders needed to ensure your transaction takes place smoothly and achieves the return you are looking for.