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A Leader in Asia Pacific Business Aviation


Unmatched Strategic Advantage

Avjet Global Sales was one of the first private aviation companies to recognize the importance of China and other Asian markets as places in which to forge partnerships, build a network of relationships and learn the local aviation protocols. Recognizing that each nation has its own unique market dynamics, business travel culture and regulatory requirements, Avjet Global has already navigated these markets, thus empowering our international clientele to benefit from the opportunities they offer.

Avjet Global’s representatives throughout Asia give our clients the ability to confidently do business within these fast-growing, yet complex markets. Whether purchasing aircraft for our Asia-based clientele or helping our U.S. clients reach Asia Pacific markets, we offer an unmatched strategic advantage when buying or selling business jets within the region.


Avjet Global’s experience with China enables corporations to make wise, strategic decisions about acquiring and operating business jets in this fast-growing aviation market. In 2008, China had less than 50 registered private business jets, but by 2011 had nearly four times that number. Expected deliveries of business jets, according to industry experts, is forecast to grow to nearly 1,000 within China over the next decade. Several major Chinese leasing corporations including Minsheng Banking Corp among others have placed large orders with OEMs—Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream (and very recently Embraer) among them—and these orders vary in size for up to 70-plus aircraft.

South Korea

Avjet Global is currently the leading provider of new and pre-owned jet sales in South Korea, serving the large, multi-national corporations headquartered there, as well as U.S. and other national clients who do business in the region.

If you or your organization is looking for a strategic partner with operational expertise and market knowledge of the Asian aviation environment, please contact us.